Biju - Taking bubble tea to the next level

Like many great things Bubble Tea was born in the Eighties. From humble beginnings in Taiwan, its popularity soon spread across Asia and in the last few years it’s gone truly global. Biju founder Nick discovered the drink at a young age and instantly became a fan. Travelling to the source of Bubble Tea and studying with the masters, his passion for Bubble Tea grew and grew.

However, not all was good. He learnt that bubble tea almost everywhere, even from large multinational brands, was made with low quality artificial ingredients and lazy processes. Artificial milk powder was used as opposed to real milk. Colourful artificially flavoured powders were commonly added. And worst of all, stale tea that sat for hours in large thermos buckets and even re-heated (the horror!) From that moment on he had an ambition: to open a store that would serve the freshest Bubble Tea using only the finest possible ingredients.

He spent months experimenting with different teas from around the world, tested different milks and selected the top toppings that would make Biju Bubble Tea doubly delicious. A Biju Bubble Tea is always made with fresh organic milk, and tea brewed only after a customer places an order. Once you try Biju we think you’ll agree that it’s quite simply the best Bubble Tea you’ll ever taste.